Hardwood Installation

Price and Duration Varies

Few home improvements can transform a room with warmth, beauty, and style as effectively as new hardwood floors.

Sand and Refinish

$2.25 Per Square Foot • Duration Varies

When a sand and refinish takes place on hardwood floors, sand paper is used from low/rough grit to progressively higher/finer grit. This aides in the process of removing the existing finish on the floor and exposing the raw hardwood. Refinishing hardwood floors helps preserve the wood and make the boards shine again.

Sealing and Varnish

$1.25 per Square Foot • Duration Varies

Sealing and varnish are hard protective finishes or films that are used to protect your hardwood floors against staining and scratching. This enhances the natural color of new and old wood, and can also be used alone to achieve a final satin to gloss finish.

Board Repairs and Lace-Ins

Price and Duration Varies

Removing and replacing wood planks then staining to match existing floor.
A lace-in is a method used to adjoin and match a new wood floor with an existing wood floor.

Base and Shoe Molding

Price and Duration Varies

Base shoe is a narrow molding often of quarter round joining the bottom of a baseboard and the floor. *Available in a variety of styles and sizes*

Custom Flush Mount Vents

Price and Duration Varies

Take your hardwood floors to the next level by allowing us to create custom flush mount vents for you. They are crafted in the same wood species and finished with your hardwood flooring to ensure a beautiful match. *Price depends on size and quantity*